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To Cruise is to.......
Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and listen to the sound and smell of the Sea, as the stress of everyday life drains from your body, leaving you without a care in the world.  

Diamond Princess - College Fjord 2009
Cruising is one of the most popular choices for leisure travel.  You will experience the stress-free satisfaction knowing that once onboard, all activities are organized by the cruise line!
 Benefits to Cruising YOU will Love:
•  Offers a variety of itineraries, durations and flexibility
•  Ships leave from convenient ports all over the world
•  Wake up in a new destination every day 
•  Easy to fit into a budget since extra expenses are limited
•  Meals and entertainment are included in most cruises 
•  Visit many destinations in a short amount of time
•  Enjoy a stress-free, comfortable, and safe way to travel
•  Accommodating for families, singles and couples
•  Great for groups, reunions, celebrations, organizations

Statistics show that 80% of people that have cruised will cruise again!

Emerald Princess - Curacao 2009
Use a Travel Agent!
Choosing the right vacation is an important decision.  Choosing the right travel specialist is even a bigger decision.  Don't leave your vacation to chance by spending endless hours searching a multitude of internet search engines. 

Insist on a Travel Agent that will take the time to get to know your interests, lifestyle, and specific needs.  Insist on a Travel Agent that will use their expertise, multitude of resources, trusted travel suppliers, and daily updates to save you TIME and MONEY. Insist on a Travel Agent that will work hard by checking with several suppliers in order to get you the best value for your dollar. Insist on
EMK Travel.
EMK Travel works with many travel consortiums and suppliers that contract exclusively with agents. This gives us an edge when finding deals not listed on the web and negotiating power with suppliers that want your business.  

Our Travel Services SAVE YOU TIME and MONEY and mostly FREE!
Commissions are paid by the supplier only after we make a booking for you. You pay no additional fees to use our services. The only time we may add a service fee is for air only, hotel only, car rental only, or complex FIT itineraries not part of a group excursion. All other travel services are FREE! 
A misconception exists with those that think they will get a better deal by spending countless hours booking online, or by telephone with travel suppliers, rather than using a travel agent.  The simple fact is, if a commission which is included in the suppliers price is not paid to a travel agency, they keep it anyway!  For that reason alone you should work with a full-service travel agency that will represent YOUR best interests! 
EMK Travel will assure that you are getting available incentives, package deals, available group space, current agency offers, and ultimately find the best value for your hard earned dollars. EMK Travel will save you Time and Money!

Geiranger Fjord - Grandeur of the Seas 2003

When cruising through the Geiranger Fjords in             Norway, which were carved out of glaciers 20,000 years ago, you get the feeling of entering a place not of this earth. One of the sites you will experience are the Seven Sisters cascading waterfalls.  It cannot be explained or comprehended unless you are actually there. 

Geiranger Norway - Grandeur of the Seas 2003

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